We celebrated our daughter’s 18th birthday at Bellozino’s on March 31st, 2018.

A grand time was had by all, especially the debutante, Patricia. Her mini concert was a success. The stage was big enough to fit the live band and all of it’s 9 members. All our guests enjoyed the delicious and abundant food – a mixture of filipino and indian cuisine. The service was top notch. Our deepest gratitude goes to Ikram, Arif and Mohammed who were constantly checking on us and making sure that our guests and our family were happy with how things are flowing. They went above and beyond the regular service. Ikram made a special menu for us and also provided a sound and light expert to run a light show for the party.

Ikram’s team delivered on their promises. Bellozino is a wonderful place to hold a formal or semi formal event. The place is elegant. Also I can assure you, your guests will not go home hungry.

Thank you Bellozino for giving us a wonderful experience! We give you 5 stars for an excellent service!

Corrine Mae Magto Fernandez