Surprise Party Planning – Executing the Wow in Secret

Life is full of its own surprises, and when you have people that you care about then it is only natural that you want to show them that they matter. Surprise party planning is all about executing the details in secret. The best surprise party is one where the person has no inkling that they are even being considered, especially if it is going to be their birthday.

Knowing the circle

The first stage of any surprise party planning is knowing all the other friends. It is easier to plan this type of party when you have known the person longer, as you will automatically know who are the important people in their lives. These are the individuals that you will include in the list so that they too can know what is going on. By gathering all these people together you can then bring them into your confidence circle and start initiating the planning.

Money is essential

It is only natural that you will not want to think about asking for money, but some people would prefer to give money than having any duties in the surprise party planning. This is not due to them being cold-hearted; it is just more practical.

Money is their contribution to the party. Establishing a budget will help you easily know what amount each person needs to contribute. Don’t be alarmed to find that you might end up contributing more to the occasion than the others. Furthermore, there is no shame in asking people for money for a good cause. Most people are willing to give money especially if they are close to the person that you intend to surprise.

Ideas that wow

Any surprise party planning should not dismiss the importance of ideas. These should not focus on your own personal taste but on the likes and dislikes of the intended person. Most often the mistakes that people planning a surprise party makes is to think about what they like when they plan the surprise party.

You need to separate yourself from the internal party and think of yourself as the person that is in charge of making it all happen. Forget about what you would find appealing at a surprise party. Your gift will be a statement of your personality and if a need for self-expression arises that is where it should be made. In regards to getting ideas, you could plan a lunch with all the people that you want to be involved and then discuss the type of surprise party that will be meaningful to the intended person.

Time not wasted

Failure in surprise party planning is often due to the lack of being decisive. Once you have agreed on a theme and location then there should not be any time wasted. Prior to this, however, is the importance of settling on a date. The sooner you do this the better it is for people to note it down on their diaries.Working on your surprise party without an agreeable date could simply lead to your disappointment. There is no point wasting time.

If you are the main organizer then acting fast will only work in your favor. Ensure that all the major things are done such as the venue is booked, work has been delegated and chased and all the decorations and food are sorted. You might also want to think about whether you want to have an open bar or you would like people to bring their own drinks.

You will then need to work on the invitations for the remaining people that need to be invited. All this needs to be done without the person that you wish to surprise knowing. It is all about being able to keep such an exciting secret.

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