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Do you need a perfect, decent place to host a family or corporate event? You have certainly come to the right place. Bring your family, friends, and workmates to BELLOZINO. BELLOZINO is a complete facility that offers a spacious ambiance with top notch hospitality for parties, events, and celebrations. And because of offering tremendous services, we are recognized as one of the most exclusive Party Halls in Jackson Heights Queens NY. Additionally, we offer facilities for cooking lessons with a specialty in South Asian cuisine owing to 35 years of producing superior quality foods. The foods are specially prepared from locally sourced organic farm produce.

BELLOZINO is a family friendly restaurant for hosting baby showers, birthday parties for all ages, corporate events, wedding receptions and many more social events. The packages might include photography services, music, decor, catering and makeup/salon, all of which involve highly qualified professionals. Satisfaction is always guaranteed as our staff is very helpful. BELLOZINO is also a versatile facility that takes care of individual needs through personalized cooking and catering services be it Italian, Mexican or Southern foods. If you need all sorts of solutions under one roof and don’t want to take all the tensions over your shoulder, let the most sophisticated Party Halls in Jackson Heights Queens NY help you in high time.