How To Prepare For Christmas When You Work Full Time

Christmas is a wonderful time to share with family and friends, but it can seem overwhelming to prepare for when you work forty hours a week.

How will you get everything done in time? First of all, it’s normal to have stress about the holidays. We see family members with whom we may have a difficult history. Another stress factor can be the kids being off during the school break and how to keep them entertained.

Getting organized is important for staying on top of the Christmas preparations. Think out some of the basic categories which include buying gifts, mailing cards and presents, purchasing and cooking meals, buying holiday decorations and setting up the Christmas display. Fortunately, a number of stores start selling goods in November so this is a good time to start getting ready.


The holidays aren’t about buying presents, but often this is a big focus. Make a list of who you will be purchasing gifts for including your kids’ teachers, co-workers, and family members. Gift cards are a wonderful item and you can purchase several at once if you are organized. Purchasing items online is a nice way to avoid trips to the post office. These lines can be quite long, especially in Florida where there are many people who are here during the month of December from up north.

Set up the holiday decorations with the family and get everyone involved. This is something kids love to do. Whatever you can purchase in November will free up your time on long lines, so it’s best to do this early. Setting up your home decor also is a nice touch to the home a few weeks ahead of the holidays.

Decide how much you will be cooking and think about what functions you’ll be attending for your children and spouse. When you work forty hours a week, it can be very difficult to cook after work on top of making your own family’s meals. A quick way to get ready for family gatherings is to purchase dishes from health food stores or the deli department and then add in some of the quick toppings such as roasted almonds. Transfer this all to a pretty casserole dish and you are set to go. Christmas is about connection and family time. Don’t spend the month of December in with anxiety, but find ways to be with people and stop racing around town.

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