By partnering with the region’s most prolific and creative photographers and videographers, we are able to promise incredible service at affordable rates.

Serving Queens and Jackson Heights with full-service event services, we are proud to offer photography alongside our many other event services. Choose from one of our existing packages or customize your needs through our à la carte menu. Available to both corporate clients or private guests, your photography and video needs can be included with any budget. Capture those moments that made your day special with professional photography and video by Bellozino.

Corporate Services

For our corporate event clients, we strive to create a historic record of your occasion. From capturing guest speakers to spotlighting valued employees, every image is created with the intent to enhance and promote your company image. High-quality and always professional, the portfolio of your event can be shared and distributed to promote your brand.

Private Events

From your baby’s first bite of birthday cake to the happy couple’s sharing of wedding cake, every tradition at your event should be lovingly captured through photography and videography. These moments become treasured memories and should not be left vulnerable to unskilled photographers. By partnering with the region’s most respected and sought-after photographers and videographers, we ensure that your event is beautifully and lovingly documented.

We offer a variety of packages for all types of event photography and videography. Find out more about these services by contacting the Bellozino team now.