An image of Bellozino and one of its ballrooms.


Organizing an event can be a very overwhelming task. There are so many decisions that you have to make, but choosing an event venue is one decision that will ultimately have the largest impact on your event and your guests. Other decisions like the date of the event, catering options, music and lighting, and many other things all are partially affected by whatever venue that you decide on. 


Sounds a bit intimidating right? Well luckily for you, we are here to help make some of those decisions easier. At Bellozino, we are specialists when it comes to event planning. Our entire team is dedicated to making sure that you and your guests have the best experience possible. With all of our experience, we’ve compiled a list of a few guidelines that may be helpful when trying to pick a venue, so here it is! 



You’ve probably already considered this, but you want to pick an event venue that is a reasonable distance from most of the attendee’s homes or places of work. If you have people traveling from out of town for the event, you also want to make sure that there are hotels and airports relatively close. You’ll want to note any possible traffic and transportation times and communicate these to your guests so that no one misses out on the event. If you have guests that may require some extra assistance or are handicapped make sure that your event venue is fully equipt for that too. 


Parking is one of those aspects that can be forgotten, but it’s almost just as important as choosing the actual location itself. Make sure that the event venue has guest parking or a place where people can be dropped off. Talk with your venue to see if your guests will require any type of parking permits since no one wants to leave your event to a towed car. 



How many people are attending your event? While we understand getting an exact number can be a bit difficult, get a rough estimate and see how well your event venue will be able to cater to that. The size of the room is important, if the room is too big your guests may feel a sense of awkwardness, and if your room is too small, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Ask if there are any safety or fire codes that you’ll need to abide by too. 


Services and Amenities  

On the day of the event you, as the event planner, want to be able to enjoy your hard work. So choosing an event venue with all the services and amenities that you need and want is important. You’ll want to check if your venue provides catering, decorations, music, and how they plan on laying out your event. Do they include tables and chairs for your guests? Is there a set up/clean up crew? If you need AV capabilities, do they have those? 


At Bellozino we have become one of the regions most recognized local banquet facilities. We provide everything you need for a memorable occasion and are equipped to handle large corporate events to small intimate gatherings. Contact us today to find out more information about our banquet halls, catering services, and more. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you create your best memories!